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MAXQDA is offering a handful of free webinars from utilizing the QDAS for literature reviews, to analyzing tweets. Visit the link to see current offerings: MAXQDA

Scholarly Writing  Free Webinar Series

Presented by NVivo & Citavi

Tips for Writing an Academic Textbook:
February 1, 2022 - 12 PM EST | 5 PM GMT

Psychological Tools for Writing Productivity
February 24, 2022 - 12 PM EST | 5 PM GMT


Qualitative Research Thesis and Dissertation: Effective Writing and Advising Strategies
April 20, 2022 - 8am EDT | 1pm BST | 3pm EAT


Decolonial Research Methods (Webinar Series)
National Centre for Research Methods

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 This webinar series focuses on the 'decolonial turn' and implications for methods and methodologies. "This webinar series will prompt academic researchers to explore the ways in which academic research may either reinforce or dislodge colonial discourses."

Recordings from the webinar can be found at the following links:

Prof Vineeta Sinha - 


Prof Linda T. Smith - 


Prof Raewyn Connell - 


Prof Walter Mignolo - 


Prof Sujata Patel - 


Prof Jeong-eun Rhee - 


Analyzing Qualitative Research: After the Interview

NVivo and SAGE MethodSpace are offering an exciting webinar series to showcase some of the qualitative methodologists and researchers who contributed to Sage's new publication Analyzing and Interpreting Qualitative Research: After the Interview (C. F. Vanover, P. A. Mihas, and J. Saldaña, Eds.) "These webinars are designed to help novice and experienced researchers with pragmatic ‘how-to’ strategies for all steps in the qualitative research process." - QSR

To sign up and read more about the different perspectives each webinar will take, visit the following link.

Essentials of Qualitative Methods Series

APA has released a series of qualitative methodology books that provide concise descriptions of the "how to's" of a variety of qualitative approaches. This webinar series offers an overview of each book and a discussion with the authors. 

Find out more here.